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3 thousand RIVERS is a multimedia opera that offers an insider's perspective on the dramatic environmental and social impacts of the current wave of industrialization underway in the rain forests of the Amazon in Colombia and Brazil.

Voices in the Rain Forest


Waira Nina Jacanamijoy on why Inga women wear black dresses.

Jacinta Jamioy talks about the threats facing the Kamentsa communities.

Carolina Gil Sáchez, director of ACT Colombia speaks about indigenous peoples in voluntary isolation in the Colombian Amazon.

Flora Macas, director of Yachaicury Educational Institution talks about the Inga pedagogy.

What's the purpose of an opera?

Modern opera can be transformed if it deeply engages with the natural world and the people living its dramas!

- Singing with Nature

What if the ancient vocal techniques of calling out birds or singing and performing to the spirit entities of the forest could be integrated into the heart and practice of contemporary opera? Are we ready to listen to the forest, its rivers and its peoples?

- Text and Score

Central to the text and score is Roberto Franco's book 'Cariba Malo', the late Colombian anthropologist who traced the history of the Yuris, an indigenous community who lives in voluntary isolation in the Puré river in the Colombian Amazon.

- Ancient Mythology

In the Inge worldview, an Amazonian people living in the Caqueta and Putumayo, the Aucas are invisible beings that inhabit the forest. They can observe without being seen and only manifest and become visible when they so wish.


Taita Marcelino Chincunque in his garden of sacred and medicinal plants.

Anthropologist Paul E. Little on Mega-Infrastructural projects in the Amazon.

''Pests and diseases break out when you cut

down the forest. When you abuse nature, it responds in this way.''

Constantino Nonocudo, Murui-Muina traditional healer

The unfolding drama of the Amazon rain forest

for chamber orchestra, singers, percussion and contemporary musical instruments,

composed by Victor Gama

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